The Botanical Series is based upon sketches from the back yard and from traveling. 

The first several come from our beloved ginkgo tree.  Another beloved tree, a 300-year old Live Oak in the middle of our front yard, was killed by a lighting bolt on Sep 8, 2001, taking 3 sad days to clean up the debris, hence "Ode to my Oak".   "Aspen" comes from sketches of aspen tree trunks in Sun Valley.  "Autumn Reverence" is a geometric representation of an autumn leaf.  "A Rose for Jane" and "Calla Lillies" were commissions.


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***A window that is no longer available will show its city of residence.


Ginkgo: spring. Savannah, GA
Ode to my Oak. Artist
Palm. New Orleans, LA
Autumn Reverence. Pittsburgh, PA
Lily 1
Henry's Callas. Savannah GA
Ginkgo: summer. Savannah, GA
Bamboo 2
Rex Begonia. Pittsburgh, PA
Oak-Leaf Hydrangea
Aspen Tree Trunk
A Rose for Jane. Savannah GA
Ginkgo: autumn. Afton, VA
Calla Lillies. Savannah, GA
Lily 2
Musa Zebrina Rojo. Savannah GA
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